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Our greatest satisfaction comes from our clients' success! We live with each individual case and our clients' problems and when we see them resolved this is the best reward for us!


Our current physical and mailing address is: 

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Henderson, NV 89052

Phone: 702.430.4-LAW (4529) 

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Dear Clients,

Welcome to our web site and the law firm of Kristina Krilchev & Associates. With this web site we would like to introduce our small, but very professional and friendly team to you, as well as explain about our services and how we can help you solve your immigration problem.

We pride ourselves with the success of each of our clients and the best reference for us are the succes stories, some of which we share here with you. Please take your time to browse through these pages, become more familiar with the services we offer and feel comfortable to talk to us about your problems.  We are here to help you with our knowledge and expertise, provide the best professional advice regarding your particular case, and lead you step by step until the final successful resolution of you case.

Our offices have moved recently to Las Vegas, Nevada, but we are helping people from all over the world with various immigration problems. We hope that you will find our services not only up to the highest professional standards, but also providing something very important for everyone - personal care.


Our mission is to provide personalised, fast and efficient quality service to our clients through legal advise or professional representation. We interact with our clients frequently and on a personal basis, which helps to develop relationships of trust and care.

Our objective is to work with our clients as a team, to educate them and explain immigration laws and regulations in a way easy to understand, which provides better basis for mutual understanding and support.

Our goal is to make every case a success story.


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